Now offering Lo-Away!

Pay a small deposit now, save your item for later

See an item that you really want, but can’t purchase it right this moment?  LotiqueUSA now offers a layaway plan that will allow you to reserve an item for up to 14 days with a small deposit.  The deposit for each item is equal to 25% of the item’s full purchase price.


Note: We ask all of our customers who wish to use our Lo-Away service to create a Lotique USA account, which can be done by clicking HERE. This will make it easier for your orders to be tracked and shipped, and you will also be able to earn coupon codes and points that can be used toward future purchases. (The Lo-Away Option can only be used with items priced 200.00 or more)


To activate Lo-Away on an item, simply click on the Lo-Away (25%) button before adding the item to your cart.  The deposit amount will be displayed above the button.  Then just proceed through the checkout process as usual.

The item will be reserved for you for a maximum of 14 days.  You can return to the website at anytime and log into your account, then pay the remaining amount when you are ready to purchase the item.  If you are unable to pay the remaining amount within 14 days, the item will be available for purchase once again.  Your deposit is non-refundable.